How do I enter multiple people at once?

Please note that when using the bulk entry sheet, if members do not yet have an Computicket Entries Account, all fields need to be filled out (Unless stated otherwise). All email addresses also need to be unique (this means that an email address can not be used twice on the sheet. If you are entering a Child or Elder without an Emal address, please contact support to assist with a managed account. (We highly recommend to only use managed accounts as a last resort)

Step 1

Step 2
A small window will pop up offering you the options to download an excel sheet that you will use to enter numerous people and their details.

Click on the "Download Bulk entry file" button

Step 3
Once you downloaded the excel spread sheet, fill in the required details of all the entrants.

It is very important to SAVE the excel sheet once you're done with all the details.

Step 4
You're now ready to upload your bulk entries. Click on the "Upload bulk entry file" button, select your file as saved on your device and you're ready for your entry.