I've paid but my registration still shows unpaid

When completing an EFT payment from a bank other than FNB please give up to 3 (Three) days for the payment to clear, once the amount reflects in our bank account your registration should show as paid.

Please make 100% sure your reference number is correct.

To find your reference number for EFT purposes just follow: https://entries.computicket.com/registrations and download the invoice for the required race and our EFT reference details are on their. Using the Manual EFT option during the payment process will give you a different number, but don't worry it still points to your account.

Using a reference like Computicket or the race name will almost guarantee that your transaction will not be processed. We will not take any responsibility if you used the incorrect reference number and your registration is deleted. If your reference number is correct then the system will automatically pick-up your payment once it clears in our bank account.

If this is not the case, please make sure that you used the correct payment reference. And send your proof of payment to support@computicket.com.